Island in the Stream-a story of Cuba Over

With the historic political changes currently occurring between the Obama administration and the Castro regime, Cuba is poised for change. Over time we will see cultural, socio-economic and structural changes to an island that has been frozen in time for decades. Photographer Marlon Krieger spend time traveling to Cuba from 2004-2012 in discord with the United States embargo, documenting an island in the stream of politics, ideologies and imaginations. This is his fleeting attempt to capture one last time the Cuba that had lived in our imaginations while capturing the people, the lifestyle and the essence of the street. This has left him with two conflicting views; "Although Cuba is a country of immense beauty and passion, cultured and proud, it resonates with under tones of a gentle sadness that I cannot overlook." The contrast is visible in his elegant and classical portrayal of Cuba. This is "Island in the Stream"

This is my story of Cuba:

Marlon Krieger Cuba Umbrella